Poornam EcoVision Foundation

Holistic approach towards sustainable lifestyle

Waste Upcycling update

Waste Upcycled by Poornam Ecovision Foundation during last financial year (2016)

Waste collection:

  • Clothes: 15000 kgs
  • E-waste: 40000 kgs
  • Plastic: 16000 kg
  • Paper: 2000 kg
  • Toys: 1500 kg

Drives conducted at residential colonies: 30

Collection centers run and maintained along the year: 20


Major Disposal solutions: 


  • Donation of clothes to Jammu and Kashmir Flood affected people: 1200 kgs
  • Tribal areas of Pen: 2000 kgs
  • Tribal areas of Beed: 300 kgs
  • Slums in Pune: 150 kgs.
  • In villages nearby Pune area: 150 kgs
  • Upcycling: 2000 kgs for preparation of various products
  • For Reuse in industry: 2500 kgs.

E-waste refurbishment and reuse:

  • 100 + monitors/computer sets have been donated to more than 15 semi-urban/rural schools to set up their computer lab.
  • Old non functional home appliances have been supplied to ITI students for practical purpose.
  • Waste beyond repair is disposed scientifically through MPCB authorized recyclers.

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