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Seminar on Plastic and E-Waste Management

Various instruments and gadgets made by using technological innovations has no doubt made our life very comfortable but at the same time the waste generated in the process has assumed a proportion which unless tackled seriously and scientifically will lead to a total environmental disaster. Each nook and corner of any of our cities is a testimony of this.

Ferguson College in association with Poornam Ecovision Foundation, Vidnyana Bharati, MKSSS and Spark is organizing a one day seminar on ‘Plastic & E-Waste Management’ to bring out various aspects related to reduce, recycle and reuse.
Venue: At Firodia auditorium in Ferguson College on 26th August 2016.

The expected participation will be the students and faculties from various environmental schools and colleges in and around Pune, actual professionals engaged in waste management and the NGOs connected with this subject.

This will be an excellent opportunity for the students to interact with the experts in environmental field.
The program will start with registration between 9:30 ~ 10:30 followed by a key note speech.

There will be six sessions of approximately 45 minutes each on:
1. Current status of E-Waste disposal and the challenges,
2. Waste plastic recycling possibilities,
3. Waste plastic to fuel conversion technology,
4. Regulations in waste management &alternatives to reduce the generation of waste at source,
5. Practical problems in waste collection, handling and storage,
6. Panel discussion and interaction with audience.

Posters on traditional and innovative ideas for Plastic & E-Waste Management are welcome for the seminar. Good posters will be suitably rewarded.

The program will end with a valedictory speech and prize distribution for selected posters.
There will be 45 minute lunch break in between.
There are no registration charges, but considering the seating capacity of the auditorium, the admission will be restricted to the nominated students and faculty members by the individual colleges.

The colleges are requested to send their list of delegates positively before 25th August 2016 to:
evshod.fergussoncollege@gmail.com / poornam.ecovision@gmail.com

For any additional information please contact:
Mrs. Alka Modak (Poornam Ecovision Foundation): 9075096325
Dept. of environmental Science, Fergusson College: 020-30866448

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