Poornam EcoVision Foundation

Holistic approach towards sustainable lifestyle


  1. Commercial projects
    1. Planet R: Theme based outlet of recycled finished products. ‘Planet R’ has an exclusive collection of decorative, gift articles, designer bags made from recycled cloths, handmade paper and utility items such as door mats, carpets, table mats etc.  made from recycled cloths, decorative and ecofriendly alternatives to, day to day needs, from  recycled agricultural waste, decorative and jewelry from paper mache.
    2. Manufacturing of recycled products: To start with Poornam started manufacturing of decorative and utility products from recycled cloths. It also wants to manufactures home décor articles from waste in near future.
  2.  Awareness/collection activity
    1. Poornam, in collaboration with an NGO, Janadhar established ‘waste collection points’ at various places in Pune City, where citizens give/donate their household dry recyclable waste such as used cloths, glass, e-waste, nylon, leather. This waste is then either recycled/upcycled to some value added marketable products or directed to the authorized reprocessing chain for further processing. Recycling helps in reducing environmental pollution, reduces the waste finding its way in dumping yards and conserves the natural resources. Apart from environmental benefits of recycling it generates employment. Wastes requiring special type of handling like e-waste are handed over to the authorized handling facilities.

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