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Waste Voyage…..few steps to know your waste

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  • A short tour (jointly organized with Janadhar, Pune)
  • Organized for sensitizing and making people aware of the generation, segregation and disposal of city waste together with the options available for recycling of the organic and reusable waste.
  • Purpose of this tour is to enable people to understand what happens to the daily garbage once it is thrown out of their houses.
  • This will enlighten people about – How exactly are the waste management practices in the city and what changes can be brought about by an individual and collective efforts to make this system better.
  • Waste voyage is arranged on Sunday 9th June, 2013, starting at 7.00 am from Poornam Eco Visions’s office at Model Colony.
  • For making this trip more interactive and informative, we stick to limited seats.
  • Registration online can be made by dropping an email to poornam.ecovision@gmail.com atleast before 3 days of the tour.
  • The fees for the tour is Rs. 300/-.
  • Details will be mailed to interested persons on request.

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