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Holistic approach towards sustainable lifestyle

Our Vision

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                                                           Poornam Eco Vision

Vision: Poornam EcoVision is established with the vision of promoting the holistic approach for the sustainable development

Mission: Poornam EcoVision’s (PEV’s) mission is to bring the positive impact in the field of environmental conservation for the sustainable development through effective and innovative ideas in waste management, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, natural resource management and environmental management.       

Concept behind Poornam EcoVision: Poornam (whole) EcoVision is meant to provide holistic solutions to the environmental problems. Poornam is a social enterprise committed to betterment of society and environment. Poornam deals with awareness, consultancy, services, research and development, product manufacturing and trading in waste management, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and environmental management. Poornam is committed towards helping people in finding the sustainable lifestyles through public awareness, consultancy, product designing and manufacturing. We envisage Poornam to be a guide, trend-setter and companion in the life of everyone who cares for environment and wishes to bring-in positive changes for making the living sustainable.

Poornam is one-stop destination for all the needs in its core areas.


Dr. Prashant S. Duraphe, Ph.D in Cell Biology

Dr. Akshaya R. Manerikar, Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

Dr. Rajesh S. Manerikar, Ph.D in Environmental Sciences



Mr. Nilesh Gandhi: Plumbing consultant

Mrs. Chitralekha Subhedar: Retd. Admin Head, PICT, Pune.

Ar. Dhara Kabaria: An Interior designer

Ar. Sameer Duraphe: A Landscape architect

Ms. Sampada Kulkarni: Environmental Professional working in paper recycling

Mrs. Priyanka Kale-Rewadikar: Fashion Designer

Mr. Sumantha Narayana: Marine Biologist / Environmentalist

Ms. Mayura Whaval, Fashion Designer

Ms. Prachi Kulkarni, Chartered Accountant

Mr. Muqtedar Patel: Biochemist

Mrs. Sheetal Thakur-Dandekar: MBA



Janadhar Sevabhavi Sanstha, Latur (www.janadhar.org)

Sevavardhini, Pune (www.sevavardhini.com)

Seva-sahayog (Social Enterprise), Pune. (www.sevasahayog.org)

Activities of Poornam EcoVision:

  1. Awareness: 
    • Waste collection drives (in collaboration with Janadhar,Pune): Drives are arranged at residential colonies, schools, corporate set-ups.  We deliver a short deliberation on the concept of ‘recycling and waste management ’ at the venue of waste collection drive. Some of the representative photographs of the drives and discussions are:
    Drive at ‘Swarnagari’, Sinhgad Road
    Drive at ‘Swarnagari’, Sinhgad Road
    Discussions with Residents during drive.

    During the drives, to demonstrate how the things can be recycled and how useful these projects are, we display all recycled items. These include, items made from cloths, paper, agricultural waste and plastic.

    Recycled items made from clothes
    Recycled items made from clothes
    Display of recycled items during drive
    Display of recycled items during drive at Garware College.
    • Awareness campaigns in schools, colleges are arranged to spread the message of sustainability and individual’s role, among young generation
    • Demonstration of various models on the theme of ‘recycling’ at PEV campus: Different models concerning wet and dry solid waste recycling, waste water treatment and Rain Water Harvesting are being set up at the PEV campus, which will be accessible to Public.
    • Waste Voyage, …..few steps to know your waste, is a short tour organized (jointly with Janadhar, Pune) every Sunday for sensitizing and making people aware of generation, segregation, disposal of city waste together with the available options of recycling the organic and recyclable waste. Purpose of this tour is to enable people to understand how exactly the waste management practices in their city are and what changes can be brought about by individual and collective efforts to make this system better. The first Waste walk (for about 5 hrs) is arranged on Sunday 9th June, 2013, starting at 7.00 am from PEV’s office at Model Colony. For making this trip more interactive and informative, we stick to limited seats. Online registrations can be made by dropping an email to poornam.ecovision@gmail.com. The fees for this tour is Rs. 300/-. Details will be mailed to interested persons on request.
  2. Consultancy:
    • Waste management (Various options in wet and dry waste management)
    • Rain Water Harvesting.
    • Waste water Treatment.
  3. Training: 
    • Organizing training/workshops on theme of recycling on weekly basis. The first workshop on ‘Best from the waste’ is organized on ‘World Environment Day’, i.e. 5th June, between 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm at Poornam’s Model Colony campus. individuals above 15 years can participate in this workshop. You have to bring waste plastic (hard) and waste paper, we will help to convert the waste into useful things. The registration fees for the workshop is Rs. 50/- only.
  4. Commercial projects:
    • Planet R: Theme based outlet of recycled finished products. ‘Planet R’ has an exclusive collection of decorative, gift articles, designer bags made from recycled cloths and utility items such as door mats, carpets, table mats etc.  made from recycled cloths, decorative and eco-friendly alternatives to, day to day needs, from  recycled agricultural waste, decorative and jewelry from handmade paper and paper mache
    • Manufacturing of recycled products: Poornam manufactures decorative and utility products from recycled cloths. many more products from waste paper, plastic and other scrap are in pipeline
    • Office Waste collection: Mainly collection of paper and e-waste from offices (with option of destruction by shredding available for confidential documents)
  5. Collaborations:
    • Poornam Eco Vision collaborates with Self Help Groups, NGOs, Social enterprises, individuals active in the field of environmental conservation, recycling, micro-finance etc.
  6. Research and Development:
    • In various recycling technologies of organic and recyclable dry waste.
    • State of art solutions for environmental problems in thrust areas.

How can you join/associate with us?

  1. Participate as volunteer
  2. As a collaborator
  3. As a manufacturer
  4. Share ideas about recycling
  5. As a research fellow
  6. As a facilitator
  7. As designer for product designing
  8. Funding various activities.

Contact us:

Poornam Eco Vision

1098/1 ‘Saphalya’ bungalow,1st Floor,

Opp. Pune People’s Co-Operative Bank,

Near Telephone Exchange, Model colony, Shivajinagar, Pune – 16.

Ph: 8888810554, 7588065204.

Email: poornam.ecovision@gmail.com



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